Lesson 2 Activity 2 - Run experiments

In this activity, students will learn to design and conduct systematic experiments using the model as an experimental test bed. They will use the line graph to visualize the collected data, then report out on their findings.
  • Watch the video that describes how to set up an experiment
  • Brainstorm a question then design your experiment and document it
  • Conduct your experiment and record your data
  • Analyze your results
  • Upload a screen shot and a link to your project in your portfolio.

Video introduction:

Brainstorm questions you could ask of this model then use the Experimental Design form to describe your experiment.  Conduct your experiment using the Rabbits and Grass model and record your results using the form.
Analyze your results and reflect out on what you learned.

Quiz questions:
1 point
Why is it important to run multiple trials with the same setting when using a computer model as an experimental test bed?

1 point
What are some of the independent and dependent variables in the experimental setup?

Fill in and upload your Experimental design form into your portfolio under "SL Nova Projects Life"