Lesson 6 Activity 2 - Run experiments

Run experiments to see the effect of changing a variable.
  • Consider  “What are the dependent and independent variables?”, “What are the variables that already exist in this model?” [#initially sick, density of population, transmission rate, population movement, recovery rate.]  What is the range of values for the variable you chose? How many trials will you run at each setting? How will you capture the data?
  • Choose one variable to experiment with, then use the “Experimental Design handout” to describe your experiments and record data from your experiments.
  • Consider how many trials do you need to run at each setting of the variable.
  • Collect and record data on the experimental design form
Note:  Currently the “data output to file” function is not available in StarLogo Nova. An alternative is to grab screen shots of the graph and label them with the settings. Show students how to do a screen grab and name their file. Another alternative is to keep the line graph recording all experiments without clearing the line graph.

Learn about data analysis


Upload your experimental design form and a link to your model in your portfolio in the section "SL Nova - Intro" under the heading "Epidemic model"