Agent-based Modeling of Complex Adaptive Systems

In this lesson, you will build your background knowledge on Agent-Based Modeling by watching a video, reviewing at a checklist of questions to ask when trying to understand an agent-based model, and checking your understanding by answering a few quiz questions.

Quiz questions:
1 point
What types of interactions can occur in agent-based models?

1 point
What types of systems are agent-based models suitable for modeling?


Identify a complex adaptive system you'd like to investigate. Describe the system in terms of how you might model it by answering the questions posed in a Model Design Form.

  • What is the phenomenon you thought was a complex adaptive system?
  • Who/what are the agents?
  • What is the environment?
  • What are the interactions between agents and/or between agents and the environment?

Post your reflections to your portfolio in "Reflection->Computer Modeling and Simulation" under the heading "Agent-based modelling of a Complex Adaptive System."