Thank you!

We'd like to thank Google for funding this effort.

We would also like to thank Santa Fe Institute, our home institution, and, our partner in bringing the Project GUTS curriculum and professional development workshops to districts nationally.

Many people have contributed to making this course a reality.

We'd like to thank:
  • Paige Prescott, Project GUTS' program manager
  • Gabrielle Beans, curriculum developer of module 2
  • Susan Gibbs, curriculum developer of module 3
  • Lina Germann, curriculum developer of module 4
  • Nate Kitchen, videographer / editor extraordinaire
  • Aparna Kadakia, Google
  • Robyn Im, Google
  • Michael Gainer, Google
  • Jeff Gray, University of Alabama, CSP4HS
  • Jen Rosato, College of St. Scholastica. Mobile CSP
  • Dr. Chick Macal,¬†University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
Video Cameos and Interviews by:
  • Casey Cox
  • Liz Martinez
  • Eric Libby
  • Christa Brelsford
  • Juniper Lovato
  • Sergio Mata
  • Katelyn¬†
  • Meghan Hill
  • Melody Hagaman
  • Jennifer Cordova
  • Lisa Milenkovic
  • Carl Krings
  • Maureen Psaila-Dombrowski
  • John Paul Gonzales
  • John Balwit
  • Ortiz Middle School GUTS club
  • Eldorado Community School GUTS club