Lesson 2 Activity 1b - Flower Turtles

In this activity, the guided tour, students will be guided through their first build of a StarLogo Nova model called "Flower Turtles."
  • Watch the video walk-through and instructions for building the "Flower Turtles" model
  • Try it yourself! Build the "Flower Turtles" model in StarLogo Nova

Watch these videos that will guide you through the Interface and get you started on your first project.

The StarLogo Nova Registration process and Galleries

The StarLogo Nova User Interface, Blocks and Drawers

Flower Turtles

Challenge (assignment):

Your challenge is to build a version of Flower Turtles. Start by remixing this StarLogo Nova project.  Follow the directions in the video to make your own project then upload a screen image of your project and a link to it on your portfolio page.  You can post it to "SL Nova - Intro" under "SLNova Projects."  If you have questions or get stuck, post your questions to the forum under the topic "Introduction to Modeling and Simulation (Module 1)".

Learn a new CS concept: (Repeat loop)


Here are some extensions to try:

Use “clear terrain” to erase any existing drawing on the terrain between drawings.

Use “delete everyone” to get rid of all existing agents between drawings.

Extension #1: Try changing the number of flower petals. [Hint: since each petal is drawn by a single turtle, try increasing or decreasing the number of turtles created.]

Extension #2: Draw a flower with square petals instead of round petals. [Hint: replace the number of steps and the degrees to turn]

Extension #3: Change the color of the flowers. [Hint: always use the "color" block with the pull down menu to select a color when setting or changing a color.  Do not type in the color name.]

Extension #4: Change the starting location (x, y) of agents. [Hint: here you can type in a number to designate a position in coordinate space.]

Define or identify the following terms: Workspace, SpaceLand, Information area, Terrain, Page, Drawer, Blocks, Buttons, Widgets, Agents.



Here are some models that show solutions to the extensions.  Note that there are many possible solutions and these below represent one of many solutions.

Flower Turtles with Extension and reset Part 1  is slnova.org/GUTS/projects/20239
Flower Turtles with Extension and reset Part 2  is slnova.org/GUTS/projects/20240
Flower Turtles with Extension and reset Part 3  is slnova.org/GUTS/projects/20241