Lesson 2 Activity 1 - Decode the model

In this activity, students will explore the model and decode each procedure of the base model.
  • Watch a video on "How to Decode" a model
  • Review the CS concepts you've learned and new concepts
  • Run and decode the model yourself.
  • Check your understanding
  • Observe and write about the behavior of the system.

Watch video on how to decode
and trace a program's execution

Review CS Concepts:

Review the CS concepts you learned in Module 1 using these two documents
then review these new concepts and commands:
    (x, y) coordinates and heading
    Repeat block
    Count agents block

Run and decode the model yourself: 
Here are links to the Chemical Reactions base model and the decoding sheets
to use while decoding. 

Check your understanding by watching this video that decodes the Chemical Reaction model.

Quiz questions:
1 point
How did we code the chemical reaction in the base model?

1 point
How do we know when the chemical reaction has stopped?

Upload your decoding sheets and save your notes to your portfolio in the section "SL Nova Projects- Physical" under the heading "Decoding the base model".