What to Expect: Material we will cover

Project GUTS' professional development program prepares you, and other middle school science teachers, to implement the computer science in science curricular modules and support your growth as a science teacher. Within the professional development program, teachers learn basic computer science concepts and computer programming, engage in scientific inquiry using models and simulation, and discuss effective teaching practices and solutions to potential roadblocks. Over the years we've seen many teachers experience the power of discovery and acting as a scientist then passing this newly rekindled enthusiasm and excitement onto their students.

The PD program covers a Foundations module; an Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation module; and one of the content specific modules of your choice (an Earth Science module, a Life Science module; or a Physical Science module).  In the Foundations module, you will view introductory videos to build your background knowledge and will be guided through a series of tutorials to get you started in computer modeling and simulation.

In the Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation, you'll experience designing and building models as students.  In subsequent modules, you'll learn how to conduct experiments using computer models and practice teaching computer modeling and simulation.  You'll also learn how the modules map to standards, review accommodations for diverse learners, hear pedagogical tips, and see other content to help support the teaching of Project GUTS modules.  You'll have the opportunity to reflect on the teaching of the modules with fellow teachers and develop your own professional learning community that can continue throughout the year. 

Most of all we want to thank you for taking on this challenge and committing to developing your teaching of scientific practice. We hope this will be a great learning experience for you!