Introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems

In this lesson, you will build your background knowledge on Complex Adaptive Systems by watching a video introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems, checking your understanding by answering a few quiz questions, and reviewing the characteristics of a complex adaptive system.

Quiz questions:
1 point
Which of the following IS a characteristic of a complex adaptive system?

1 point
Which of the following is NOT an example of a complex adaptive system?

For more information on Complex Adaptive Systems, download and read these documents: 

    1. What is a Complex Adaptive System?
    2. Characteristics of Complex Adaptive Systems
    3. Feedback Loops

Reflect on the Science you teach or learned as a student - identify a topic/phenomenon in your subject area that is a complex adaptive system. Which characteristics of a Complex Adaptive System are met by this phenomenon? 

Post the question and your thoughts to your portfolio under Reflections->Complex Adaptive Systems.