Computational Thinking and the Framework for K-12 Science Education

In this lesson, you will build your background knowledge on the connections between Computational Thinking and the Framework by watching a video, reading a document on aligning practices in science and computational science, and checking your understanding by answering a few quiz questions.

Quiz questions:
1 point
Computational Thinking was referred to in the video as:

1 point
Comparing outcomes with what is known about the real world falls under which pillar of computational thinking?

Here are crosswalk documents that present the alignment between the CSTA K-12 CS Standards and the NGSS.


Reflect on your identity as a Science teacher, what do you aspire to? Then reflect on how learning to integrate Computer Science in Science through modeling and simulation relates to your professional goals, and identity? Post your reflection to your portfolio "Final Project->My Implementation Plan" under the heading "What I aspire to do with computer modeling and simulation."